Holiday Villas in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is regarded as the outdoor lover’s winter playground, the walker’s paradise and the beach lover’s dream come true. It is a group of islands blessed with a great climate, beautiful holiday villas with swimming pools and lots to do.

The Canaries offer one of the easiest escapes from a snowy European winter and tourists flock there on vacation taking advantage of the cheap holidays available. There is a terrific choice of holiday villas, self catering apartments and country farmhouses available to rent from their owners.

The Islands have a preferred climate and constant temperature through all the year. They have superb beaches with holiday apartments dotted along the shore. For those with a slightly larger budget, the islands are home to some of the most spectacular holiday villas in Europe. Many tourists return year after year renting one of these spectacular holiday homes.

The Canary Islands are made up of 7 larger islands (Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma, Gomera, Hierro) and a few smaller ones (Alegranza, Graciosa, Clara, Roque del Este, Roque del Oeste und Lobos). What tourists do not realize until they visit more than one is that the landscape of each island is radically different to the others.

The Islands are a natural paradise for lovers of nature and water sports enthusiasts. The Canaries are home to some many indigenous animals and plant life. Many tourists go there for the fishing as the local waters provide some of the world’s richest hunting grounds for deep-sea fishermen. It is not uncommon to find shark, and tuna and marlin are to be found in abundance here. Some tourists come especially to hunt for a glimpse of the bottle-nosed dolphins and pilot whales which are often seen swimming see around the islands.

It is said that once you have rented a beautiful holiday villa in Gran Canaria with a private pool, or a self catering apartment in Lanzarote, or even a holiday cottage in Fuerteventura, that you will end up going back year after year. The year round warm climate, with long hours of sunshine, together with the beautiful clean beaches help make the Canary Islands one of the top holiday destinations in Europe. Holiday villas and self catering apartments in the Canary Islands are plentiful, and many tourists now stay in these holiday homes taking advantage of direct holidays.

The development of the Islands for tourist areas to cope with an increase in Canary Island holidays has given the Islands modern resorts many of the amenities and attractions typically expected in any other major European holiday destination. The Canary Islands are unique in the fact that each Island has its own individual twist depending on which you choose.

The food is a mix between Spanish and African with some Latin-American influence thrown in for good measure. Many holiday makers choose to stay in holiday villas or self catering apartments as they give them the independence to sample the local cuisine and live like the locals.

Fish is a much loved food in the Canary Islands and is often served with extremely tasty sauces that are made locally. Desserts are often made with the Islands’ own fruits, which are plentiful due to the warm weather. Fried bananas, grown locally, are a particular favourite with many of the millions of visitors who take their vacations every year staying in holiday homes in the Canary Islands.

A Villa in the Caribbean – Relaxation at Its Peak

Tourists now prefer villa accommodations to typical resort or hotel stay for their Caribbean Vacations.

Broadly speaking the 4 reasons for choosing villa accommodations are:

o Solitude: villa accommodations are found to be providing more privacy than the hotels or resorts. Couples can enjoy a quixotic getaway. People willing to spend some quality time exclusively with their kith & kin also prefer the villas.

o Accommodations: friends & families can be comfortably housed with each having private bedroom & bath at their disposal. As these villas charge by the number of nights spent and not the number of occupants’ friends & family members can pool in and pay the rent. And it usually comes cheaper (surprised right?) than luxury hotels or resorts. Moreover some Caribbean hotels don’t offer more than 2 bedroom units!

o Facilities: Private swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, tennis courts and villa beachfront property are a close second on the list.

o Dining: the villas give you the privilege of having your private chef preparing all that you desire to relish! After a day of sightseeing, swimming or lounging at the beach, it’s refreshing to have a home cooked meal served upon your return. Many travelers arrange to have the villa stocked upon arrival.

We would advise tourists to visit each Caribbean island as a separate entity to soak up its beauty.
If the must-sees on your list include the beautiful islands, then a villa on the St. Lucia hills or the island of Dominica would fit your bill! If St. Lucia has stunning hillside view by the day, Dominican islands are enthralling by the night. Hillside villas would definitely not offer beachfronts but they have pools as substitute!

Islands of the Barbados, Jamaica & St. Thomas usually provide full-staffed villas including butler, chef, laundress, maid & gardener. These also attract vacationers who are taken by lavish golf courses. The staff employed is trained to cater to the demands of the vacationers to make their stay a terrific experience.

St Barts, St Martins or the Barbados islands should be your ideal destinations if you are looking for exclusive world-class cuisines. The French islands of St Barts & St Martins offer unrivaled French delicacies with over 100 restaurants at your service. Barbados, known for dining par excellence, offers the best selection of diverse menus.

Those searching a luxury getaway should head for the Virgin Gorda or the Tortola, both located on the British Virgin Islands. The villas at Virgin Gorda provide great beach access along with some lucrative boat and diving excursions.

What would be your ideal Caribbean villa vacation?

The options are ample to choose from- be it the spacious 10 roomed villas or the singe room ones or you rent the entire island!! While some provide you with private chefs, some even allow the option of ‘dining on your own!’

Villa rentals earlier an indulgence for the wealthy, now is a viable option for many. Most villa owners rope in premier management companies to market their properties. Travel professionals work personally with the management companies to assure each detail is taken care of, and while on the island, management company representatives are always on hand to handle any last minute particulars.

Holiday Villas in Mykonos

Mykonos is a beautiful island in the Cyclades island group of Greece with a reputation for glamour and popularity with partygoers. With a wealth of holiday accommodation in Mykonos to choose from, it could be tempting to go with the easy option of staying in one of the island’s hotels – but this could mean missing out on the full range of what the island has to offer. If you opt to buy or rent a villa in Mykonos, you can discover the island’s hidden gems. Here are four reasons to choose a self-catering villa for your trip to Mykonos.

Discover New Locations

Most hotel accommodation in Mykonos is concentrated in Mykonos Town (also known as Chora) and around the ‘party beaches’ of the west and south coast. While this region has the buzzing, cosmopolitan atmosphere you would expect, there are other parts of the island which offer a very different holiday experience, and opting to rent a villa in Mykonos can help you to discover these different areas. For thrill-seekers, Kalafatis Beach on the east coast of the island is a great option, with a Dive Centre and Windsurf Centre for water-based action. History lovers would enjoy a stay in Ano Mera, the biggest village of the island built around Panayia Tourliani, a 16th century monastery famed for the wooden carvings within the church.

Experience local cuisine

When you are staying in a hotel, it can be tempting to eat in the hotel restaurant – if you’ve gone all-inclusive, this may feel like your only option. But by going self-catering, you can give yourself permission to be more adventurous and explore the great cuisine that Mykonos has to offer. You could enjoy the cosy atmosphere and the smells of the charcoal barbecue at Kiki’s Tavern on Agios Sostis Beach, soak up the authentic taverna experience at Tasos on Paraga Beach, sample the seafood at Hippie Fish on Agios Ioannis Beach or have a coffee with some moustokoloura at Ntekoto in Ano Mera. Or you could buy local food and make your own authentic Greek meals – kopanisti, a pepper-flavoured soft cheese, is a local delicacy you ought to enjoy while staying in Mykonos.

Get Better Value

Hotel packages may be tempting as a way to enjoy a luxury holiday without the luxury price tag, but if you rent a villa in Mykonos you could save yourself money while still indulging in all the island has to offer. The savings are particularly significant if you are travelling as a larger party. For a mid-June visit, booking two hotel rooms for a party of four will probably set you back in the region of between £200 and £300 per night, perhaps more. However, if you rent a two-bedroom villa you could end up with a price tag of half that, or even a third, with many excellent options coming in at around £100 per night. (Prices based on a TripAdvisor search for 11-18 June 2016)

Find a holiday ‘home from home’

If you have fallen for the charms of this beautiful and bustling island, you may even want to buy a villa in Mykonos. By buying a villa, you can have holiday accommodation tailored to your needs and tastes whenever you want it – and earn money by renting it out when you don’t want it. While other Greek islands may have cheaper properties on offer, the property market on Mykonos is more stable, with some signs of recovery and the reassurance of knowing that this island is a very popular tourist destination. Buying real estate in Mykonos now while the market is just starting to recover could prove a wise investment in years to come.

How To Choose The Perfect Island Villa

If you’re planning a really different holiday this time for the family, you should look at renting an island villa in the Caribbean. It could be your perfect island villa or private home surrounded by miles and miles of scenic beauty and, of course, the ocean.

It would also be a better option to renting a hotel room and cost-effective too, if you’re going as a family or in a large group. Living in an island villa or pool villa can also give you unique experiences and you could get a taste of the local culture and the people while still enjoying your privacy. If this excites you, then you need to get going to find the most beautiful and pristine island with an equally exquisite villa. Here’s how to go about it:

Zero in on the island you want to be on: Let’s say you want to explore the Caribbean Islands. There are as many islands in the Caribbean with island villas of varying quality as you can imagine, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Each island has unique offerings, e.g. Aruba has some fantastic food and is quiet too.

Look for a booking agent: You can scour the Internet for websites of villas or get in touch with the owners of villas and make your booking directly with them. However, the best way of making a reservation is to approach a rental agent for villas who will certainly make your booking at the place you prefer. But that’s not all. They will also meet you at the airport and pick you up and drop you to your island villa. And, they will help you with car rentals, your flights, arranging a series of tours for you, etc.

Set a budget for your holiday: Begin your search for an island villa or pool villa with a fixed budget in mind and certain must-haves, such as a beachfront or an ocean view from your bedroom, high chairs and activities for children, Internet access, number of bedrooms you require, shower units and bathtubs, masseuse, etc.

Let the agent know the kind of villa layout you want: If you’re traveling with seniors or little children, you would need to have a single-level pool villa, so inform your agent of this. If you’re two couples traveling, you might have to ask for two master bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms. If you get this, you can pay equally and get the same amenities.

To save money, book in the lean season: If you keep this till the end, you might lose out, because sometimes owners use their villas for a holiday if they are not approached by tourists. By late summer, you should have firmed up your plans.

Don’t let the prices intimidate you: If you calculate, you will find that for all that you get here, you’re getting much more than a hotel stay would give you. In a pool villa, you get the entire house full of three or four bedrooms for one composite rate. When you calculate the rate per day, you’ll find you’re paying a fair sum for all that you’re getting which makes it a good deal.

Holliday Villas in Spain – Rent One For Your Next Vacation Fuerteventura

Spain’s Canary Islands have often been referred to as providing some of the best holiday destinations in all of Europe. Combining historical monuments with sandy shores and a warm climate, it’s no wonder that people from around the globe choose apartments and holiday villas in Spain in Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote as holiday destinations.

One of the most common choices for families visiting the Canaries is to stay in apartments or rented holiday villas in Spain’s Fuerteventura. These rental properties offer the natural warmth, comfort and security of home while being close to the entertainment that Fuerteventura has to offer visitors.

Villa rental choices can range from the simple and uncomplicated to the most luxurious and complex, your choice being completely dependent upon your taste. These charming get away spots offer you a choice from beach front destinations to inland properties and there is a good choice of villa or apartment in rent in Spain’s smaller islands like Fuerteventura . There are hundreds of different holiday Spain villa and apartment options to choose on this interesting Spanish island.

Fuerteventura is the Canary Island closest to the African coast with only 100km separating the ‘Punta de la Entallada’ from Morroco and is the island is second largest (after Tenerife) of all the Canary Islands. The weather on Fuerteventura is very similar to Florida and Mexico, which share the same latitude. The glorious weather is just one of the aspects that makes this island an ideal holiday location. No other island amongst the Canaries has as many enormous sand dunes and long sandy beaches and even though a significant amount of the land consists of stone and rock, these beaches are some of the most impressive the whole of Europe. Fuerteventura is generally regarded as the oldest of all the Canaries and its interesting landscape is thought to come from various volcanic episodes. There has not been a volcanic eruption on the island for approximately 7,000 years and the island is now a very safe holiday destination.

Fuerteventura is a popular location for holiday makers interested in water sports. Every year hundreds of divers, surfers and windsurfers arrive in Fuerteventura and during July the island host’s to the P.W.A world windsurfing speed and slalom event at Sotavento. For the less sporty there are many attractions and tourists can discover different aspects of the Island’s landscape and culture at their leisure.

When thinking of booking a holiday in Fuerteventura, one of the most effective way to find your future holiday destinations is via an internet search engine. Using too many search words can however bring mixed results. To get accurate and comprehensive information, it is best to use specific search terms such as ‘holiday villas in Spain Fuerventura’ or ‘holiday Spain villa in Fuertentura’ or ‘apartment in rent Spain Furteventura’.

You can get some really good bookings if you deal directly with the property owners. Negotiating a price for apartment or holiday villas in Spain’s Fuerteventura doesn’t have to be the hardest part of your vacation preparation if you deal directly with a property owner. Dealing with the owners direct often ensures the lowest prices and the best service. Remember owners want you to return year after year to their properties, so they make a personal effort to please you during your stay.

Spain’s Canary islands are generally thought of as some of the best vacation spots to visit. It is no surprise that so many people choose apartments and holliday villas in Spain’s Fuerteventura as a popular vacation spot. The island has some charming get away spots offers you a choice of villa beach front destinations or inland apartment in rent Spain’s Canary Islands. There are hundreds of typical holiday Spain villa and apartment options to choose from all around this beautiful island and internet search engines are one of the most effective way of locating your ideal apartments and holliday villas in Spain Fuerteventura. The simplest way to book your villa is with the owners direct. Clive Long, the author, is a director of Holiday Villa Select

Caribbean Villa Rentals

More vacationers are choosing villa accommodations for their Caribbean vacation rather than the typical resort or hotel.

The four main reasons for choosing villa accommodations are:

1. Privacy – Many have found that villa accommodations offer more privacy that crowded resorts and hotels. Couples can have a truly romantic getaway knowing they are the only vacationers on the property, and groups of friends or family find quality time all to themselves.

2. Accommodations – Friends and families are easily accommodated with everyone having their own bedroom and bath. Friends and extended family members share the rental rate since villas charge by the night, not usually by the person. Many are surprised to find luxury accommodations for far less than the group or family unit would have found at luxury hotels and resorts. Also, many hotels and resorts in the Caribbean do not offer more than two bedroom units.

3. Facilities – Private swimming pools, jacuzzi’s, tennis courts and villa beachfront property are a close second on the list.

4. Dining – The ability to have your own private cook or chef preparing meals when you want, and preparing what you wish to eat. This is definitely a plus with families. After a day of sightseeing, swimming or lounging at the beach, it’s great to have a home cooked meal waiting upon your return. Most travelers arrange to have the villa stocked upon arrival.

We always advise clients to look at each island of the Caribbean as different, depending upon your vacation
expectations. The same goes for choosing a particular villa.

If beautiful island views are a must, then a villa in the hills of St Lucia, or the tiny island of Dominica will definitely fit the bill. While many other Caribbean islands offer wonderful hillside views, St Lucia is absolutely stunning during the day, and on the tiny island of Dominica, the nighttime sky offers a
vast field of twinkling stars. While hillside villas
obviously don’t offer beachfronts, they all have swimming pools.

Many villas on the islands of Barbados, Jamaica and St Thomas will often include a full staff which includes Butler, Chef, Laundress, Maid and Gardener. These islands also appeal to vacationers looking for first class golf courses. Many staff are long term, and are professionally trained, therefore quite adept at pampering vacationers, and anticipating client needs.

If first class cuisine is of primary importance, we suggest a stay in St Barts, St Martin or the island of Barbados. You will find French cuisine unrivaled in both the French islands of St Barts and St Martin, with over 100 restaurants between the two islands. Barbados is known for world class dining, and offers
the best selection of varied menus.

Those looking for a luxury “get away from it all” vacation should head to Virgin Gorda or Tortola which are both located in the British Virgin islands. Most of the villas on Virgin Gordon feature amazing beach access, and offer many options for dive and boat excursions.

What would be your ideal Caribbean villa vacation?

The options are wide open. Choose from one to ten bedrooms, or you can even rent an entire island! Some properties do not offer in house cooks, and allow vacationers the option of dining on their own. Find a secluded luxury retreat in the hills, or have direct access to the beach.

Villa rentals were once exclusively for the wealthy, however today villa vacations are a viable option for everyone. Most villa owners hire world class management companies to market their properties. Travel professionals work closely with the management companies to insure each detail is taken care of, and while on the island, management company representatives are always available to handle any last minute details.

Perhaps you have never thought about renting a villa, and this might just be the time to investigate available villas throughout the Caribbean.

Holiday Villa Rentals – Book Direct For a Cost-Effective Holiday in the Balearic Islands

Holiday villa rentals and apartment holiday accommodation in Spain is ever popular with northern European holidaymakers on the famous Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. A holiday rental apartment booked direct with the private owner can be a cost-effective way to holiday in these cash-strapped times. Fortunately there is a large choice of holiday accommodation available to rent direct if you know where to look. Try looking on-line using search terms like ‘holiday rental apartment Balearics’ or ‘holiday accommodation in Spain’. You will find that there are many websites which list privately owned holiday properties to let on all of the Balearic Islands – the only problem is which one to choose?

The Balearics consist of four main islands which are located off the east coast of Spain and in size order (largest first) are Mallorca (also called Majorca), Menorca (sometimes called Minorca), Ibiza and Formentera. The archipelago forms an autonomous community and is a province of Spain. The two official languages in the Balearic Islands are Spanish and Catalan. All of the islands are popular summer vacation destinations for holidaymakers who wish to book apartment or holiday villa rentals direct from the private owners.

Starting with the smallest first – Formentera is located just off the coast of Ibiza and is only 12 miles long from tip to tip. Visitors to Formentera are attracted by its stunning natural beauty and chilled-out, easygoing atmosphere which is a stark contrast to the crowds and commercialism of neighbouring Ibiza. The main resort on the island is Es Pujols, which has a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants. There are a limited number of hotels and holiday villa rentals available so if you want to stay on this beautiful island during the summer months you need to book your hotel or villa holiday accommodation Spain well in advance.

The next largest island is Ibiza which is well-known throughout the world and attracts thousands of holidaymakers every year. Visitors are attracted by the beautiful beaches and clear blue sea, the fantastic scenery, the legendary nightlife, the variety of holiday rental apartment and holiday villa rentals and the generally lively atmosphere. Despite its reputation as being a magnet for the 18-30 age group looking for the non-stop party scene, Ibiza does in fact have a variety of holiday resorts suitable for all types of holidaymakers including plenty of family-friendly accommodation.

Menorca is thought to be the quietest and least commercial of the Balearic Islands. It enjoys lovely Mediterranean weather with hot summers and mild, pleasant winters. It has retained much of its original landscape and traditional Spanish heritage and is generally favoured by family groups or nature-lovers who are looking for a relaxing sun-filled break. It has a greater number of beaches than Ibiza, Mallorca and Formentera put together and is a popular choice for families to book holiday villa rentals for a carefree beach holiday.

Most tourists book holiday villa rentals in Mallorca to make the most of the sun, the beaches and the nightlife. Magaluf in the south is the most popular place to stay with its wide, sweeping bay. Nightlife here is very lively and crowded with hundreds of bars and nightclubs. If you were looking for a quieter resort you should try Alcudia in the north of the island which is more family-orientated. Palma is the capital of the island and the Balearics and is a vibrant city packed with culture, history, excellent restaurants, cafes and a buzzing nightlife and is well worth a visit wherever you decide to stay. Don’t miss the beautiful Gothic cathedral and the Almudaina Palace.

If you want a lovely sunny summer break choose holiday accommodation Spain in the Balearic Islands. The Balearic Islands have plenty of reasonably priced holiday rental apartments on offer, if you book early! You can book many holiday villa rentals directly with the private owners. Clive Long, the author, is a Director of the Holiday-Villa-Select website which offers cost effective holiday rentals in Spain booked direct with owners who advertise their holiday villa or apartment on this website no commission charged.

Vacation Villas in Spain in the Balearics – Can You Cut Costs by Booking Direct?

The Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain are always popular with visitors from the United Kingdom who like to book vacation villas in Spain or apartment holiday accommodation in Spain there. In the current economic climate a holiday rental apartment booked direct with the owner may well be a cheaper alternative to a package holiday. Happily, there is a considerable selection of vacation homes available to rent direct if you know where to start searching. Try researching on the internet using search words and phrases like ‘holiday rental apartment Balearic Islands’ or even ‘vacation villas in Spain’. You will certainly discover that there are a lot of online websites which list private holiday homes to let on each of the Balearic Islands – the only dilemma is which one to go for?

The group of islands is an independent community and a province of Spain. The Balearic Islands have two recognized languages which are Spanish and Catalan. The four main islands of the Balearics are (smallest first) Formentera, Ibiza, Menorca (also known as Minorca) and Mallorca (also known as Majorca). All of the islands are favourite summertime holiday destinations for many European and overseas visitors who want to book apartment or villa holiday accommodation in Spain directly from the proprietors of holiday homes.

Of all the Balearic Islands, Menorca is the least commercial and has done the best job of preserving the striking natural beauty for which the islands are known. It benefits from fabulous Mediterranean weather conditions with hot, sun-filled summers and nice, mild winters. It has retained a lot of its Spanish customs and is generally preferred by family groups or those who want a restful, sunny break. It has a significantly larger number of beaches than the other Balearic Islands and is a favourite option for families who want to book vacation villas in Spain or apartment rentals for a relaxing seaside break.

In direct contrast to Menorca is Ibiza which is famous for its party atmosphere and attracts huge numbers of tourists year after year. Holidaymakers are drawn to the island by the infamous nightlife, excellent beaches and clear azure sea, the great scenery and the variety of vacation villas in Spain and holiday rental apartments which are available to book direct. Notwithstanding its fame for attracting parties of young adults who come for the night club scene, Ibiza does in reality have a wide range of holiday destinations which are ideal for all sorts of tourists including quite a lot of family-orientated resorts.

Mallorca is popular with holidaymakers who want vacation villas in Spain to make the most of the sunshine, the seaside and the night-time entertainment. Palma is the capital of the island as well as being capital of the Balearics and is an exciting city packed with culture, heritage and fantastic places to eat with plenty of night-time entertainment. Magaluf in the south is an ever popular place to stay with its wide, sweeping beaches and its exciting, vibrant nightlife with hundreds of clubs and discos to suit all tastes. However if you were searching for a quieter resort you should try Alcudia in the north which is more family-friendly.

Formentera is the smallest of the four main islands at barely 12 miles long from one end to the other. Holidaymakers and visitors to Formentera are enticed by its amazing beauty and tranquil, relaxed ambiance. Formentera’s major resort is Es Pujols, which has a nice assortment of retail stores, bars and eating places. However, there are only a limited amount of hotels and vacation villas in Spain on the market, so if you wish to holiday on this fantastic island during the high season you will need to reserve your hotel or apartment holiday accommodation Spain as early as you can.

If you want a summer break filled with sunshine choose holiday accommodation Spain in the Balearic Islands. The Balearic Islands have plenty of reasonably priced holiday rental apartments on offer, if you book early! You can book many vacation villas in Spain directly with the private owners. Eddie Lucas, the author, works for the Holiday-Villa-Select website which offers cost effective holiday rentals in Spain booked direct with owners who advertise their holiday villa or apartment on this website no commission charged.

Phuket Holiday Villas, Find Your Beach Hotel Resort in Thailand

An island of luxury and simple pleasures, extreme sports and relaxing spas, delectable and unique-tasting foods, ancient and modern architecture, frenzied and tranquil beaches, Phuket Island is, in every aspect, a land of contradicting elements. Yet, when these elements are joined together, it comes together as one word, pleasure.

Choosing the best Phuket island resort for your holidays can be tedious if you only use travel guides and recommendations from local communities. You might end up doing the same thing most tourists do prior to arriving at the island: spend too much time Internet research because there are hundreds of Phuket beach hotels and Phuket holiday villas scattered all over the island.
If you want a shortcut to finding the very best Phuket island resort and hotels, the first thing you need to do is filter your search using certain categories.

Location and atmosphere
Phuket houses some of the rowdiest and quietest resorts in Thailand. Lively Phuket beach hotels and resorts are mostly found in Phuket’s west coast, while quieter Phuket holiday villas and resorts are predominant in the east coast and the neighboring islands between Krabi and Phuket. The east coast also offers some of the most exclusive Phuket holiday villa and resorts, which can mostly be found near the Phang Nga Bay National Park and surrounding islets.

Phuket only offers world-class accommodations. There are a lot of five-star Phuket beach hotels which provide excellent facilities and services. Tourists who want a taste of Thailand’s local culture often go out of their comfort zone and traverse the seas to step on some of the isolated islets around Phuket. For bigger families and guests who want to experience the privacy of a luxurious and comfortable home, private Phuket holiday villas can be rented for months.

The gorgeous white-sand beaches of Phuket are the island’s main attraction. Spectacular diving spots and golf courses are visited by sports enthusiasts all year round. One of the most popular tourist’s destinations near the island is Phang Nga Bay where Phuket’s towering limestone cliffs and karst formations will surely take your breath away. The James Bond Island, named after the renowned movie ‘The Man with a Golden Gun’, is visited due to its famous rocky pinnacle and rock formations. Sea Gypsy Island offers a remarkable sight as the island itself is a whole rock and the village is literally built over the water using stilts. Tourists also enjoy Phuket’s temples, shrines, mix architecture, museums, national parks, and nature.

Phuket is a renowned vacation spot for the rich and the elite. However, even with the seemingly high accommodation rates, there are resorts that offer a mere $250 per night for a family of four. If you are not limited with a tight budget, you can choose a Phuket holiday villa for THB35,000 or $1,143 per night. The Village in Coconut Island also held occasional villa sales for private ownership, giving foreign businessmen, investors, and private individuals the chance to own property in Phuket, Thailand.

Holiday Villa Rental in La Gomera For a Winter Getaway?

A holiday villa rental in La Gomera is a peaceful retreat and tourists are often amazed at how peacefully removed from the other Canary Islands it is. On some of the other islands the tourist industry has been so large as to impact on the infrastructure which is often the prelude to unsightly developments and a complete change in ambience whereas La Gomera is still a relatively calm and peaceful place where the pace of life is much slower than elsewhere in the Canaries.

So if you are searching for a very peaceful beachfront holiday rentals Spain vacation, La Gomera could be what you are searching for, especially if you are from one of the northern European countries including the UK and Ireland and want a sunny winter break simply to recharge the batteries. If you fancy a sun filled getaway this winter try a holiday villa rental in La Gomera and imagine yourself strolling on the beachfront in the sun or sitting on a rock and dangling your feet in the water as the waves crash in.

La Gomera has an extraordinary climate all year round which allows the owners of beachfront holiday rentals Spain to potentially rent their apartment rental Spain properties on this island all the year round. This gives you, the tourist, access to the warm weather twelve months of the year. It is particularly pleasant here in the late autumn and early spring. The risk of rain is very low indeed, especially in the most southern parts of the island.

Getting to this winter holiday destination in the sun is less easy than to some of the other Canary Islands. Unfortunately there are no direct international flights to La Gomera. A further reason, I feel, why the island has retained its beauty. Most vacationers book a flight to nearby Tenerife and then take a taxi to Los Cristianos and catch one of the frequent Ferries or Catamaran Service to La Gomera. Once on the island you can get a taxi or hire a car to your holiday villa rental.

There are many ways to spend your holiday time if you book a holiday villa rental in La Gomera. If you are one of those who simply like to chill and recharge their batteries by soaking up the sun on the sea front, then why not look at beachfront holiday rentals Spain in, for example, Vallehermoso which has a high-quality beach. It is truly a striking area where there are an abundance of palm-trees along with banana-trees and sabine-trees, a truly lovely sight.

If you take pleasure in sailing or diving then you must explore the island’s waters – it is quite possible to see stingrays, octopus and even seahorses. It is also a treat to take one the many available dolphin-spotting trips which leave from Vueltas in Valle Gran Reay.

When returning to your holiday villa rental in La Gomera, showering and getting ready to eat, it is so nice to know that having a self-catering apartment rental Spain allows you the freedom to dine in or out. If dining in, it is nice to know that you can get fresh produce, meat and fish or you can, of course, eat out for some, or all, of your meals. Needless to say fresh fish dishes are very popular here, as with many sea front towns in Spain, and the fish is dipped into a spicy, garlic-flavoured Mojo sauce – “delicioso” as they say in Spanish! Also, Canarian cuisine has a distinctive character which can be based around many foods although the distinctive character of pork can be found in many main dishes and is prepared in numerous styles.

This is, of course, all washed down with the local wine, but be careful not to drink too much as wobbly legs might not get you back to your holiday villa rental! If you are up for a bit of entertainment after your meal then try visiting the capital San Sebastian which has good island nightlife. However remember why you chose this island and don’t expect it to be as lively as other islands like Gran Canaria!

We advise our customers to book their self-catering villas and apartment rental Spain through our site and to book their flights direct to save money and of course if you want to go sight-seeing then also book your car hire direct. However when it comes to travel insurance a broker can be worth his weight in gold. Most holiday makers normally only consider one or two types of insurance however you need travel insurance to give you a security net against the most frequent problems that can crop up while you are on holiday:

1. Lost or delayed baggage.
2. Flight delays.
3. Missed departure.
4. Flight cancellation.

These are all very important but possibly the most important is being able to get help if you should become ill or injure yourself while staying in your holiday villa rental in La Gomera.